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SARAJEVO CITY WHERE  Ottoman and Austro-Hungarian  architecture meets  in 100 meter  ARE PLACED NEXT  to each other:  Mosques, CATOLIC Churches, BIZANT CHURCHES  and Synagogues. THIS is a city that welcomes EVERYBODY and  that radiates energy that turns you  in to a dreamer and those who want TO LEARN AND MEET other and different.

FIRST GYMNAZIUM IN SARAJEVO IS THE OLDEST  HIGH  SCHOOL in  Bosnia and Herzegovina.The building its self  was built   138 years a go  by Austian – Hungarian Empire.

Till now the building  stayed  unchanged in its structure. The famous Gymnazium is shool which was attended by many famous and important people.

The students in First Gymnazium are very active and involved in many activities in the sociaty. They are attending extra classes in art, drama, literature, volontary work, .....

The sports is very important  part of their every day activities. Competitions in basketball, football, wallyball, ...are organized beatween  Srajevos gymnaziums and other High schools

The First Bosniak Gymnazijum is also very active and prosperity high school in Sarajevo. The pouples are very active and involved in many activities in the shool and society.

SARAJEVO unique in its warm welcome described by many famous   people from around the world  WHO have at least once visited this city.


Program:  5 NIGHTS / 6 DAYS

Transfer from the airport Sarajevo or Tuzla, , hostel   accommodation on BB basis, citeseeing of SARAJEVO with a licensed tourist guide, visiting  two of the famous Gymnaziums in Sarajevo, nature park Vrelo Bosne, Olympic mountains Bjelasnica and Igman,  Trebević mountain amuzment park SANNY LAND,Tunnel of Hope and the Bosnian pyramids in Visoko


Transfer and check-inn to hotel, visiting the old town, Ottoman period: BAŠČARŠIJA; SEBILJ, Begs mosque, SVRZO HOUSE MUSEUM, lunch in traditional  restaurant "Hodzic" traditional „ ĆEVAPĆIĆ“, City Hall  „VIJEĆNICA“ and Museum of Sarajevo (scene of  shooting of King Ferdinand, strat of first World warr). Free time, back to hotel at 21:30.



Breakfast, departure  at   9:00 am  visiting  the First Gymnazium. Organized wellcoming program, interaction with puples and professors. Leaving school at 12:00h noon visiting   warr Tunnel of Hope , going to nature park Vrelo Bosne.On the  reqest drive in traditional hackney carriage / carriages, citeseeing of natural park, river Bosnia, lunch at the restaurant on the river Bosnia. Back to  SARAJEVO CITY CENTER, WALK AND TOUR Sarajevo  Cathedral, the Synagogue, exibition of“ HAGADA BOOK“ and the Botanical Gardens of the National Museum.  VISITING  SHOPPING CENTER "Sarajevo City Center". PEINT BALL ATTRACTION GAME FOR YOUNG PEOPLE OR BOWLLING HALL. Back to hotel  at 22:00h.



Breakfast and departure at  9:00 AM visiting First Bosniak Gymnazium. Attending class on CAMBRIAGE PROGRAM  English Classes. Interacting with puples and profesors. Organized  lunch at Gymnazium dining room. Leaving school at  13:00 pm. Heading  to Mountin Trebevic, TOUR  AND  VISIT . AMUZMENT PARK „SANNY LAND“ WITH ROLECOSTER   DRIVE.  Back to the city and touring of SHOPPS OF TRADITIONAL OLD CRAFTS in Baščaršija, shopping. Coffe break at famos FAMOS NEW OPEN „MIXER HOUSE“ EXIBITION OF YOUNG MODERN ARTTISTS FROM THE RGION. Return to hotel at  22: 00H.




Breakfast, departure at 10: 30H BY Olympic Bjelasnica and Igman, visiting VILLAGE Dejčići, LUKOMIR (last law Bosnian village), waterfalls near the village Ledici, Sabic and UMOLJANI SELO (the last pure Bosnian willage where the time stoped in last century). Quad drive in present of instructor drive through the mountain.,  Lunch in "PENSION UMOLJANI" offering traditional dishes prepared from DOMESTIC ECO FOOD. Return to Sarajevo at 19: 00h. FREE TIME.



Breakfast and departure at 10: 00h to town of Visoko, visiting Bosnian Pyramids. Arrival and visit of PYRAMIDS, THE TUNNEL, PLATEAU ... with official guide, lecture on the history and scientific discoveries on the Bosnian pyramids. Lunch at the Hotel  "CENTER" with gastronomy traditional and international cuisine. Back to SARAJEVO at  17:30 / 18: 00h. FREE TIME



BREAKFAST, check out transfer to airport.

PRICE:  170 Euro per a person

PRICE  doesnt iclude: eterance fee to visit museums,amusments park,quad drive,  games, natural park of Vrelo Bosna, carriage rides, Sarajevo City bus panoramic sightseeing, food and insurance.