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Medical tourism

Our company GREEN COUNTRY BH is committed and established with the desire and aim of the presentation and promotion of the rich natural heritage. Therefor, we have a offer for : MEDICAL TOURISM. It is composed of aregaments in medical centers for hilling with thermal watter which are specialized in following diseases:


2. RESPIRATORY DISEASE respiratory disease

3. Rheumatic third and sciatica


5. Arthritis and joint inflammation


7. Posttraumatic and postoperative seventh DISORDERS

8. Gynecological diseases

9. STIMULATION lymphatic system

Our country Bosnia and Herzegovina, is rich in natural resources; THERMAL WATERS dating from the Roman Empire. Bosnia and Herzegovina is a mountainous country with many forests and nature reserves untouched nature and therefore OZONE CLEAN AIR IS resource that helps all people with health problems such as; Asthma, lung disease, anemia, etc. Furthermore, besides the fresh air on numerous mountains, our country is full of sources of clean drinking water and rivers from which the water can be drinked directly, and it is full of minerals such as; Iron, magnesium, potassium, ... We hope that, people from Your city and state, will be the one who will come to our country and have a treatment until complete recovery.