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GREEN COUNTRY BH medical tourism

Water analysis 1887 analyzes were conducted composition and its temperature water temperature of the water by the record was 31.5 degrees C. Thermal springs in Lead is very abundant, although the broken source, but more water comes out of . The water temperature is 36 degrees, phe = 8, the dry residue analysis institutes balneological BH 0.288 kg / L. Radioactivity thermal mineral water by S. Schreiber is 0.5961 MJ.2 Central Public Health Institute of Sarajevo 1953 has performed an examination of thermal water in Lead and found the following: 1 l of water containing 0, 2888 g of dry residue, mainly of calcium carbonate, with some magnesium salts, and chloride and sulfate, water belongs to the indifferent heomeoterne water-poor character with earth alkaline water, water "Olovska spot" treatment of rheumatism, neuralgia, gout and Gynecology, used for kupanje.Zapisi Ministry of Public Health of the Kingdom of SCS leads mostly unique chemical composition (slightly-mineralized water) and a temperature in the range 34 to 36 C. As such stpeni water according to the finding is beneficial in the treatment of rheumatism, women and skin diseases. Basic characteristics of the water did not change the last about 100 years, have excellent characteristics for the treatment of rheumatic, women and skin diseases, diseases of the digestive, visual, neurological diseases, injuries and operations to the system to move. Thermal water Lead can be used for: Drinking - based sanitary-epidemiological norms / drinking in rooms, restaurant, outdoor fountains and others. Inhalation - through stays in the bath, pool or with the help of the apparatus, Swimming - the stay in the baths, partial baths and pool. Types of therapy Olovska mineral water in therapeutic procedures used in three aspects, namely: bath, inhalation, drinking. The types of therapy used in the treatment are: hydrotherapy, electrotherapy, Sonotherapy, magnetic therapy, thermotherapy, massage, Kinesitherapy Cijeovnik offers a thermal resort Lead: Stay / hotel accommodation, full board, with medical examinations and treatments as well as use of the pool based on one person: PP / FULL BOARD: 120 HP / 61 Euro (DAY / PER A dAY) Companion of the patient to stay in a hotel full board, per day in the amount of PP / fULL bOARD 80 HP / 41 Euro ( DAY / PER DAY A), Within offer day trips to nearby tourist attractions and resorts that would be regulated by a special price, with the desire of customers for the same. A trip to Bijambara and visit the famous caves Bijambare, with a guide and a tour of Ajdinović / sports and recreational noovoizgrađenog center which offers diverse content for all visitors. From the pool of external and internal to the zoo, Argel with horses, sports and eco cuisine.